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200/4 Super Takumar

200/4 Super Takumar.

Tele-Tessar - no cemented elements.

Performance - as in Canon 70-200/4L lens.

Virtually no resolution drop across the frame. :)

Build as a tank.

Auto/Manual switch.

I've sold it - sounds like quite stupid decision, but on APS-c sized sensor my Jupiter-21M was just all-right comparing to Tak, and it was shorter (more my bag compatible). Additionally, I've bought three new lenses to play with :)

I highly recommend this lens.

3D photography

I offer true 3D photography - no post-processing software tricks,

just two objective lenses and two independent imaging devices.

Year 2013 - sessions

Available weekend sessions.

Contact me for details.



CGI - due to time limitations still only for complex scenes,

although simple animations are possible.

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