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58/2 Helios-44-2 and Helios-44-3


Copy of  Zeiss Biotar.

On APS-c shining as great portrait lens.

It needs f5.6 to cover entire APS-c size frame with circle of sharpness from corner to corner (CZJ Pancolar 50/1.8 and Fujinon 55/1.8 are better doing such at f4) but it's just OK.

Older 44-2 version renders pictures with low contrast - great for portrait.

Newer 44-3 version from Belomo has MC coating and is more "conventional".

Both renders in classic Biotar's weird OOF style - these lenses are HIGHLY recommended, being Zenit camera KIT lenses are often sold for peanuts, so it's a shame to not have one in collection, even with full range of IS equipped professional grade zooms around :)

3D photography

I offer true 3D photography - no post-processing software tricks,

just two objective lenses and two independent imaging devices.

Year 2013 - sessions

Available weekend sessions.

Contact me for details.



CGI - due to time limitations still only for complex scenes,

although simple animations are possible.

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