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200/4 Orestegor (Meyer-Optik Görlitz)

200/4 Orestegor (Meyer-Optik Görlitz)

Another 200mm lens.

This one in tele-tessar design. No cemented elements at all, just like Super Takumar 200/4.

The best tele-lens for really hot conditions, You can left it in the car standing on full sun, and it's nothing to worry about (Canada balsam does not like high temperatures).

It has nice round preset diaphragm, focuses from 1,5m.

On the digital performs VERY WELL in backlit situations, even without sun shield.

Blue chromatic aberration is quite strong at full aperture, although the lens controls SA very well and the CA affected pictures remains really sharp.

Comparing to Sonnar design, the sharpness is more evenly distributed across frame - edge sharpness at full aperture is better than with Jupiter-21M and the lens shows it's best at about f6,7.

The lens shares interchangeable mount with Orestor/Pentacon 135/2.8.


3D photography

I offer true 3D photography - no post-processing software tricks,

just two objective lenses and two independent imaging devices.

Year 2013 - sessions

Available weekend sessions.

Contact me for details.



CGI - due to time limitations still only for complex scenes,

although simple animations are possible.

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