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50/2,8 Industar-61L/Z


Little preset gem.

Unusual shape of diaphragm - You will see little stars in OOF highlights :)

This lens is corrected for close distances, and it does focus close.

GREAT macro performer :)

It is simple Tessar  with MC coating and ED Lanthanum glass.

EXTREMELY resistant to flare and backlit situations. One of the not-so-many lenses You can try to use for glamour backlit shot (i.e. pretty girl with aureole of back illuminated hair) using nuclear blast in the place of sun.

Not so good at infinity - You shall step id town to f8 to cover entire APS-c frame with circle of best sharpness.

Dependable friend.

Highly recommended!

3D photography

I offer true 3D photography - no post-processing software tricks,

just two objective lenses and two independent imaging devices.

Year 2013 - sessions

Available weekend sessions.

Contact me for details.



CGI - due to time limitations still only for complex scenes,

although simple animations are possible.

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