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Wedding photography


I have got permission to shoot during  the liturgy in Catholic churches.

Nowadays, easy access to good photographic equipment makes that competition in wedding photography is apparently huge.

Unfortunately expensive, good camera does not really make it's owner the great photographer.

Such important moment in the life needs proper tools and skills of the photographer, but from the other hand sometimes  we can not afford to hire the most reputable ones.

My proposition is a free trial fiance photo shoot:

You'll see whether to choose me without risk, I will know how prepare for your holiday.

My gratification will be opportunity to use your image in the portfolio.

For my part, I can assure you that instead  the CD with two thousand pictures I'll will give you a cloth-bound 50-page album where the pictures will be in the midst of real photographs

I do not base exclusively on photography for living and I can afford treat it as a personal holiday rather than another order and necessity.

I'm rather vintage styled photographer and  I do care about both the composition and the lighting, each successful photography gives me a satisfaction.

I do not like to go the easy way and gallop around the church flashing all the eyes the mixed press reporter/paparazzi style.

I try to be discreet and not disturb the ceremony - possibly shoot with available light using fast lenses.

In addition to the documentation for the ceremony in the photos I posed in the church, outdoor and studio sessions.

I use the modern optics but  I harvested over the years nice collection of the classic manual optics as well (my oldest lenses remember XIX century :)) so I can provide both high quality and unmatched atmosphere of photos without the showy digital processing at a really affordable price.

How to contact me?


call or text:
+48 513 597 527

3D photography

I offer true 3D photography - no post-processing software tricks,

just two objective lenses and two independent imaging devices.

Year 2013 - sessions

Available weekend sessions.

Contact me for details.



CGI - due to time limitations still only for complex scenes,

although simple animations are possible.

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